Adding a Preferences Window to Your Application
Subject:   address book lost functionality in pb10.1
Date:   2001-10-04 23:01:30
From:   psheldon
Entered into table fields with double click, typing and enter key gesture and then quit . There wasn't an automatic save on enter . Whazah? Wait . I used Mike's code to start clean on the last column . Maybe, I thought, the flaw losing functionality was in the last code before the column . I tried my code that had worked and it still misbehaved .
Well, I want to see the next column and so may start clean with new code from Mike so I don't stray too far . That means he'll have to debug his code in the new project builder . The old project builder doesn't work anymore and new project builder is supposed to work with old source , but didn't . I hope Mike and Oreilly guys got their 10.1 project builder earlier than me so I can have that column soon .

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  1. only lost functionality in pb10.1
    2001-10-04 23:09:04  psheldon [View]

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