What's So Java About Sun's Linux Desktop?
Subject:   Comments on Linux and Java on the desktop
Date:   2004-10-08 02:48:43
From:   sidboyce
Response to: Comments on Linux and Java on the desktop

Sun touches Linux with on hand over the nose and with two fingers, while looking the other way. The strategy is to use Linux as a necessary evil for now while they work towards developing a Solaris equivalent running MS Office. We will see Sun eventually replacing their in-house Linux desktops with SPARC/Solaris, then likewise they will phase out their so-called JDS and seemlessly convert their JDS customer base, or if Ballmer doles out sufficient cash to them, plug Microsoft desktop as the only viable one. Evident to anyone who follows the recent pronouncements of McNealy and Swartz. Sun has no long term interest in Linux, period. The name Java instead of Linux outlines their strategy/panic to get them noticed once again.