What's So Java About Sun's Linux Desktop?
Subject:   Another Linux Not A Bad Thing-- But...
Date:   2004-10-08 13:28:49
From:   glenpepicelli
I don't see another linux as definatly bad for Linux in general. However, if Sun makes their Linux wildly different in some way than there is a problem. They might take a page out of the Microsoft book and write tons of well received but non-standard object libraries for it. Perhaps it will just be so off the standard-- yes there is a sort of standard-- that it will be hard to recompile software for it. (I am suggesting they may do this intentionally).

The Author seems to be suggesting that open source developers don't care about meeting real business needs. This is totally false-- in most cases anyway. Developers want their software to be widely used and a sucess. They may not actually be on the phone with CIOs kissing up and asking "what do you want?" There is definatly a different culture. Open source developers have more creative freedom to do what they think is best. Some of them pretty much make mainstream stuff like the Eclipse IDE. Your boss isn't going to look at Eclipse and say "what the *$%#! is that?" On the other hand, if you install XEmacs you might find yourself in your bosses office trying to explain why you need a lisp system attached to your editor. It doesn't mean the developers of XEmacs think their software is pointless. It isn't it's just different. Or as your boss would say a new pro-active oriented paradym.

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