What's So Java About Sun's Linux Desktop?
Subject:   Comments on Linux and Java on the desktop
Date:   2004-10-08 15:04:11
From:   Scorpionfish
Response to: Comments on Linux and Java on the desktop

If there is anyone snorting cocaine, your rant makes it appears that it is you.

I have been using Java in Mandrake (and a few other distros, including Slackware, Corel, RedHat, and Suse) for about 8 years now.

In my opinion Sun has contributed to OpenSource immensely by providing a new Language and now a new distro for Linux users to choose from. I personally have gained considerably from using Java without ever paying Sun a dime (well not quite true I did purchase a Java tutorial tool from them once). Sun continues to work with the OpenSource community (such as Blackdown Linux, the first port of Java to Linux for some time via its own community process). I say let each company have a Linux policy and let consumers choose those which best meet their needs. Not everyone has the same requirements, objectives, or level of experience.

While slashing and burning your adversaries is a tried and true human tradition, it isn't the only one and it hardly provides any tangible comparative evidence that what is offered as an alternative is any better.

I personally feel that Sun's performance on contributing to OpenSource is far better than most companies, perhaps a few OpenSource ones included, despite a lot of hot air that one reads on the net. Perhaps this is the price Scott McNeeley must pay for being so bombastic toward M$ over the many years. Perhaps you might want to contribute your critical thoughts to improve the process rather than carping on line.

Accusing Sun for wanting to make money is a pretty lame excuse for a crime in our Capitalist society. The fact that they don't advertise much on TV is that 1) they lost a bunch of money and have to use what they have left on their priorities (haven't we all at some point) and 2) the average TV viewer is hardly likely to know or care about Java or Linux or IT for that matter (just look at the polls, folks are actually voting for politicians who cut subsidies for high tech education and high tech jobs and promote the out-sourcing of those that are left). Why should Sun pay good money to reach these misfits?

I suspect that much anti-Sun rhetoric is more about not liking increased competition rather than specific beefs about Sun's products, most of which the complainers among us don't seem to use anyway.

If Sun can show me a Linux desktop that can better integrate Java, with its immense cross-platform capability, and a Linux desktop GUI that provides improved productivity to the user, I will give it a good looking over. In the meantime, I'll continue to use Mandrake (now at version 10) as my preferred distro.

Open Source is about the freedom to make choices.