Hacking PayPal, Part 2
Subject:   I hope PayPal works better than its Developer Central
Date:   2004-10-09 18:31:39
From:   ST
Curious about Paypal, I was trying to set up the "sandbox" on Paypal's Developer Central. To access it you need a free registration which, in my case failed miserably with the error message:

Sorry, an error has occurred

PimpAbort with return code 2002
File: $Id: DCSignUpFlow.cpp,v 2004/05/29 02:50:49 vgunna Exp $
Func: internal_create_devc_user Line: 385

Backtrace: 0x8c95f2d 0x8c95f0d 0x80630ba 0x806305a 0x8075727 0x80753ee 0x8074f20 0x806e09e 0x8079166 0x80653fc 0x805189a 0x40cfa9cb 0x80514c1

(rcf @ int Pimp::devc_email_send_confirmation(const PimpDevCUser &, const String &):142)

Funnily enough, the error seems to happen after my e-mail address is inserted into their database, but before the verification e-mail is sent out. This effectively prevents me from trying to resubmit my registration, as my e-mail address is considered to be already taken. I cannot login either, as the system tells me that first I have to follow the confirmation link on the e-mail that should have been sent bu that wasn't.
You know, I would have thought that Paypal's Developer Central would be more familiar with the concepts of transaction, atomic operation, and rollback...