The Objective-C Language
Subject:   C
Date:   2001-10-06 10:58:34
Response to: C

I'm in sort of the same boat. Here's what I'm doing: I'm learning Java, for the following reasons.

Java is an object-oriented language and it's somewhat easier than C++. The syntax is so similar to C, I was able to breeze right through learning the syntax.

There are a lot of good books on Java, and what I think is most important is to learn the object-oriented concepts and get a lot of practice writing small programs with them. The second good point is that you can program in Cocoa with Java (there's a simple tutorial that comes with OS X).

I'm finding that I'm having an easier time grasping these concepts with the materials available for Java. I have Apples Objective-C book and the Learning Cocoa book, but I didn't have much luck with them.

Now, after studying Java a little bit, I find that I'm having an easier time understanding them, and am convinced that my understanding of Cocoa and Objective-C will improve if I dip into the documentation, now and then, while I'm studying Java.

I think people in our boat are going to have to sit tight until some more books on Cocoa and Objective-C are available. Fortunately, several are on their way by the end of the year. (Search "Cocoa" at!)

In the meantime, don't beat your head against the wall with this stuff -- get a good book or two and learn Java.