Extend your AirPort Network with AirPort Express
Subject:   This configuration as Ethernet to Wireless Bridge
Date:   2004-10-13 06:08:08
From:   FReig
I have been going through different forums and docs to find out if this configuration you describe, extending an existing Aiport Extreme Base Sation signal, allows me to use Airport Express Ethernet Port as a LAN port for hooking up an Ethernet wired device (Xbox, PC, etc.)

There is some documentation over at Apple documenting this as possible but it would be great if you could confirm us that this actually works on your setup.

My doubts are if you can use Airtunes and Printer Sharing with this Setup or if it only works in Client Mode as well as the LAN port issue.

The best way would be to try it out myself, but I want to be sure before actually buying Airport Express.

Thanks in advance, Fernando

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  1. This configuration as Ethernet to Wireless Bridge
    2006-04-23 20:51:04  macDary [View]

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