The Disaster-Free Upgrade to Mac OS 10.1
Subject:   Great Article...
Date:   2001-10-08 19:23:23
From:   tjcrebs
Response to: 9.2.1 Only Upgrades 9.1 or Later


I used your Disaster-Free articles to install 10.1 on my Pismo. a few problems I encountered were:

1) getting DVD to run on my Pismo (Firewire PowerBook). DVD worked fine until I upgraded 9.1-Classic to 9.2.1--then the dreaded "Not configured error"--my fix was to reinstall OS-X-10.1. Runs fine now.

2) I recommend each time you install 9.2.1 or your backed up 9.1 System--restart from each OS-9 System after each installation to handle the networking and queries. I apparently crashed a couple OSX-10.1installations because I didn't .

3) Took me 4 installs to get OSX-10.1 to work great. Yup, I learn best from FUs.

Thanx again for the fine "Disaster-Free" articles.

T. J. Crebs
Lakewood, CO USA

P.S. AOL 16B Beta works great undr 10.1.