The Hacker Behind "Hacking the XBox"
Subject:   Bunnie's interview.
Date:   2004-10-16 05:01:46
From:   _SRM_Kite
Hi, I must admit when I thought of Hacking I confused it with trying to wreck things, steal info or such.

I do not think changing the config of you puter/game box as trying to do the crimes above. how many people have a car? And how many removed the ORIGINAL and replaced it with a different one? OMG, you hacker. So, you had the Install Shop put it in for you. You changed something in your car that came with it. How about seat covers, or floor matts? Any little or big change to your car, house, yard, clothes, skateboard... Anything at all that you change from the ORIGINAL version as you bought can also be considered hacked. Some people call this Remodelling, Upgrading, customizing, Pimping My Ride, Tricking, or any other name.

How is doing that any different that pimping my XBOX or puter cinfig to work the way I want it to. Oh, wait MStupid OWNS it. That is the same as saying FORD owns your Truck, or Dodge owns your Viper, or such. You can not alter a thing. Yeah, right like this will work.

So, whomever thinks people need an OS shoved places not for that. Shove your painted walls, your pimped ride, your Thrahed Skateboard and enjoy. You Hacker, you.

I find it funny how people can say that custimizing your XBOX is wrong, yet they have a third party Stereo, CD/DVD player install inthe car they own.

I find that MS and this Forced crap that locks you out of your PUTER not MS's puter is BS. I mean what would people think if after changing the windows of a house, or the radio of a car, the thing locked them out. The only fix buying a new set of keys for $10 less than a new house or car would cost. you find it ok if this happens on the PC, why not the car or house. You soon see that this level of invasion locks you out of so much more, and invades so much more than you ever imagined.

I know cars, lawns compared to the PC or XBOX. Well, the use of software EULA's and car ownership should stop as well then. And, Pimping my XBOX is not a crime. nor, is PIMPING MY OS, or PC.

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