What's So Java About Sun's Linux Desktop?
Subject:   Hardened? Integrated?
Date:   2004-10-18 18:05:24
From:   gdriggs
Response to: Hardened? Integrated?

Just to clarify, Slackware is the oldest, currently developed Linux dist. There are some that predate it that are no longer maintained, including Ygdrassil IIRC. As for your choice to boycott JDS, that's certainly yours to make. But while you're at it, you might also consider never purchasing Novell's SUSE Linux Desktop. It's what JDS is built on which is in turn based on SUSE 8.1. You can confirm this by comparing the versions of glibc (2.2.5) and Linux kernel used (2.4.19) in all three distributions. As for the server and management tools you're speaking of, what relevance do they have for a desktop OS? JDS has management tools but they're designed for managed entire LANs of desktops, not for services running on each host. I think your mention of enterprise Linux distributions has no bearing on the discussion of desktops.

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