Storming the Microsoft Edifice
Subject:   Well written, but....biased
Date:   2004-10-18 23:16:40
From:   anandvaidya

Your article is well written. Except for some unwarranted Pro-SUN, anti-IBM remarks spoil the entire article, showing your bias towards SUN.

Quote: "and having turned over senior management quite thoroughly--began to listen more effectively to what the markets had to say. Now Sun has broken out of the high end to successfully deliver nearly end-to-end software suites on both Solaris and GNU/Linux on the commodity x86 hardware platform. This includes its successful reemergence in servers on AMD Opteron."

Quote: "IBM, as another example, entered the GNU/Linux market only because its customers insisted. Now IBM are nearly synonymous with open source (whether it deserves to be or not)."

I remember reading IBM had a sea change in its top management + attitude and realized that they can't use the oldways, and pretty much changed to what they are today.

Why do you think IBM does not deserve any credits? IBM has:

  • 250 Engineers contributing code to linux (LTCs)
  • ported a lot of apps to linux
  • Donated code : Eclipse, EVM, JFS, cloudscape, kernel, OSDL member etc
  • Is itself migrating to Linux on Desktops!
  • IBM is clearly not trashing Linux publicly
  • IBM is fighting SCO, supporting GPL in court
  • Has enabled most IBM hardware to run well on Linux
  • Has never blown hot and cold on Linux support, in fact entire IGS is there for Linux enablement.

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  1. Well written, but....biased
    2004-10-19 01:40:08  malcolmd [View]

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