The Basics of DNSSEC
Subject:   Updates
Date:   2004-10-19 15:58:46
From:   haddad_i
Hi all, I just came back from a short vacation and I had some feedback in my inbox about some updates that I should mention, and thank you very much for the colleagues who emailed me the updates.

"The DNSEXT working group is at the point of advancing the new DNSSEC drafts to the IESG. This new DNSSEC spec has new types: DNSKEY, RRSIG, NSEC and the special record DS. The old DNSSEC
standard (RFC 2535) is _not_ how DNSSEC is going to look when it gets deployed.
The drafts can be found at:"

"... the IESG has approved these three documents.
... somewhere in the OnLamp article the new DNSSECbis RFCs have to be
mentioned, since a lot has changed since RFC-2535.

See the complete announcement fron IESG at the following location:"

Thank you very much for the contributors.