The State of Java
Subject:   Java not fun and exciting!
Date:   2004-10-20 03:53:24
From:   babelex

Running a business developing internet based applications we been through PHP/Perl/CGI and eventually standardised on Java (Server side). This allowed us much greater reuse of our code base and helped us become more profitable. Java is very stable, reliable and woos the larger clients without a doubt. So the java is Cobol comment definitely resounds from the business view.

Is this fun ? is this exciting ? No probably not hasnt been for a while, it's just 'down to work', its the tool. That doesnt actually mean java isnt exiting generally though, there are 'java developements' That i personally find very exciting. One very exciting development is Groovy, If you have seen this (I know O'reilly has articles on it) Then check it out. This to me is much more exciting than Mono/C# (Although a port to .net isnt out of the question). Groovy takes the best from ruby, Perl Java/C etc.. and build a fantastic scripting language that just blows the others out of the water (except maybe ruby). For us the New built in XML handling (check out xmlbuilders/slurpers) provides us with the scripting revolution we need to become more productive producing web 2.0 type apps for our customers. I think Groovy does for scripting and XML what perl did for scripting and text. And because Groovy is designed to run on top of java we have complete access to our codebase

Just my $0.02