The State of Java
Subject:   not again...
Date:   2004-10-20 04:12:28
From:   jwenting
The cries "Java is dead", "Java has been overtaken by XXX", etc. etc. are getting seriously old.

Java adversaries have been shouting that ever since Sun announced the first JDK back in 1995 or so and it hasn't happened.

Of course as the platform matures the hax0r image that it used to have is decreasing but isn't that a good thing?
Corporates (and that's where the money is people, it's not in small hacks and open source experimental things) are embracing the platform en masse precisely because it's now stabilised.

Personally I don't want an environment where there's a new version every few weeks or months that invalidates half the code I already wrote (yes I've encountered that in a project using bleeding edge Java technology).
It slows down development (we missed the deadline by about 50% because of that) and costs the customer massive amounts of money (their choice in this case for deciding to use a tech they knew was still not a finished API).

And even IF Java is going the way of CoBOL, that's not such a bad thing.
There's still strong demand for CoBOL programmers and there's few of them around as it's hardly taught anymore (after all, no college student will take a stuffy CoBOL course when he can get a course in something much hyped like Python instead). That makes for nice money people :)
And that's been the situation for over a decade now, as the CoBOL codebase is still growing and will need maintenance for decades to come simply because it's too expensive to replace.