Mac OS X Power Hound Helpful Hints, Part 1
Subject:   iTMS video saver
Date:   2004-10-21 00:30:19
From:   willstuff
This is a rather hokey way to do it (not as slick as an Applescript) but may be of interest for the next round of Scriptor or for those whom the script doesn't work for:
[1] In terminal type: cd /private/tmp/501/TemporaryItems
[2] then type: ls
[3] then, using the mouse cursor select and copy the "QTPluginTemp..." file name from the list,
[4] then, in terminal enter: cp QTPluginTemp13561587 /Users/UserName/Movies
where you would paste the "QTPlug..." name you copied from the ls and replace "UserName" with your home folder name,
[5] then, in the finder (Movies folder) rename the "QTPlugin..." file with a relevant name and .mov ("yes" to add extension)
[I keep two lines of code in a "Stickies" note and do a couple of copy and pastes]