Will You See Open Source J2EE Implementations?
Subject:   if (!J2EE Certified ) { CTOs won't bite }
Date:   2001-10-12 02:56:21
From:   fcrabus
Response to: J2EE Compliant == J2EE Certified


Andy, you're right. I -personally- don't need
a J2EE-certified application server. And I'm
sure there're a lot of people out there who
don't need it either.
For me it's important
-that JBoss complies with the specifications
-that it's easy to use
Conclusion: I use JBoss everyday

But that's just a developer's point of view.
In the eye of a CTO certification is an important
feature. I haven't met one customer (decision maker) who's really into technology. They don't
want to risk anything. And for those people - the
one's who pay our cheques - certification *is* important.

If JBoss wants to gain market share (not mind share - that's what they already got) three
things have to solved:
- they need to be J2EE certified
- they need professional support (that's being done I hear)
- they need better marketing (I won't get into details or Marc Fleury will kill me)


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  1. if (!J2EE Certified ) { CTOs won't bite }
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