Google Your Desktop
Subject:   All File Types?
Date:   2004-10-22 01:37:29
From:   paraplex
I'm really enjoying this Google Desktop software (who knew i still had all these old photos) however i'm encountering some problems...

For example if i have a file called "Oreilly83" and do a search for "oreilly" it won't return the jpg unless i rename the file with a space before the number (which i won't)

also, I can't change my prefs to search for files outside of the few multimedia filetypes known to google... which is a real nuisance.. I can't use it to manage all my files so it will not become integral to my day to day operations...

theres no link to open up a windows explorer window of the parent folder, and additionally I can't highlight and paste location information if they are within certain folders (EG if they are in the "my documents" folder, the google search doesn't list the location as "C:\my documents" but just as "My documents"... so i can't know which drive its on...

Its still in beta i know, but these are the things i'd like to see them address