Will You See Open Source J2EE Implementations?
Subject:   J2EE Certification is not Important
Date:   2001-10-12 08:17:24
From:   tntmay
I don't think that Sun wants anything to do with the open source movement, there's no money in it for them. They won't say it for fear of alienating some developers but this has been consistent with their behavior towards Java and open standards all along. Sun is no better than M$, Oracle, IBM or any other software company out there, they are here to make money. I think Sun has been able to ride the anti-MS wave long enough, now they are showing their true colors, they are just a M$ wannabe. In the end who cares about a J2EE Certification as long as it is J2EE compatible.

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  1. J2EE Certification is not Important
    2001-10-14 12:44:31  asdf1234 [View]

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