Peer Review: How We Got From P2P to Hailstorm
Subject:   Re: "Napster users could screw the record companies"
Date:   2004-10-22 04:21:23
From:   Steve_K
I really doubt, that napster users alone screwed the record companies.
Sure it cost these companies a lot of money, because users didn't went to the next music store to buy their cd's, instead downloading it from the internet.
On the other hand, most record companies, especially the big ones, produce only mainstream trash and do not support smaller upcoming bands.
It has been quite a while, since i bought a record from one of the major labels. I do not download them either, because i do not collect trash.
There are a couple of small labes with really innovative bands and very good music, these are the companies MY money goes to.
Those major labels are only interested in one thing: Profit.
They ignored customers long enough, to earn the "revenue" of what they did.
Sadly, they have enough power to influence politics to release new laws in their favour, instead of thinking about their own actions.
Its a little bit too easy to say the p2p users are guilty and in fact statistics have proven that they are wrong. And we know that they faked those stats to hide that fact. No doubt, they make losses, but these days everybody does and having bad business strategies wont help them.
Ok. Enough of this, we could argue months about it. :)

For IM's: mine is running all the time, so no-one can say for sure when i am online and when not.
I really hate the idea, that somebody observes my "behaviour" to make money out of it.
I avoid Microsoft and their "cool" innovations wherever it is possible and passport may sound like something cool, but it isn't.

So long folks. :)

Steve K

isn't it all cold coffee ? =)