Will You See Open Source J2EE Implementations?
Subject:   if (!J2EE Certified ) { CTOs won't bite }
Date:   2001-10-12 08:49:45
From:   fcrabus
Response to: if (!J2EE Certified ) { CTOs won't bite }

Yeah, I'm sure there'll be a time when JBoss has enough mass, enough market momentum to compete with the BEAs/IBMs of the world on all markets.
But it's not in the same situation as Linux. There are/were a lot more potential users for a free *nix. Application servers are a no client app. It's certainly an important technology, but not too exiting, too sexy for the masses. And there's commercial support...
But anyways, I wonder what's the price for the Sun certification? How much do they charge?
Is it a few thousand dollars? Millions?
Does anyone here have numbers?