Sony Ericsson T610 Camera Phone Review
Subject:   t610 is very fragile
Date:   2004-10-23 08:06:10
From:   upsetwithsony
Response to: t610 is very fragile

I agree with your comments. My T610 is 8 weeks old, but looks like it's 5 years already. The button text has worn off in my pocket (I remind people, in less than 8 weeks)

I've just come across the soft-key, joystick and power button problem and took it to our local service centre. They accepted it without questions and told me it's a known problem. I'm now without a phone for the next month - thank you Sony Ericsson

I should have learnt from mypast experiences I guess. Ericsson used to be really good. I owned a SH888 and R320s which were great in their time. Then things changed. I got a T39m, then a T300 - these were extremely bad phones with multiple software problems and poor build quality.

I've owned and used many phones in my time - Nokia, Ericsson, Sony Ericsson, Sagem, Trium, Motorola, Sendo, Alcatel, Siemens, etc. as my work is based in the telecoms industry. My advice (certainly I will be sticking by it from now on) - only ever buy Nokia! - they might not be as cool as the latest Samsung or Sony Ericsson, but their software is first class and build quality far above the competition! The Nokia's I have owned (1610, 3310, 6310i and 6610) were absolutely flawless and lasted years with very few signs of wear.