Gaming Hacks for Geeks, Part 1
Subject:   ...Take it someplace else
Date:   2004-10-23 08:59:41
From:   dkurman
Response to: Take it someplace else

Personally I think it's more fun to hack the systems but restrain from doing it out of respect.
Respect for the companys and developers that put the effort and money into creating...
And respect for the folks who put their time and their money into trying the experience. We can be pretty sure they don't subscribe to an online world to watch it overrun by bots...
What would a game world be like where macros, bots and hacks were part of the fabric? Could be interesting...but it probably should be someplace else.

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  1. ...Take it someplace else
    2004-10-27 20:19:58  northnoise [View]

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