SSS (Small, Simple, Safe)
Subject:   What about Python?
Date:   2004-10-23 22:40:15
From:   glenpepicelli
Not to get off topic here but Python is an excellent way to learn OO concepts. After a class in python students may go on to C++ or Java.

  • Python is a fully hybrid language. A programmer can write fully OO software or software that uses no OO at all. This means you can ease into OO and compare it to non-OO solutions in the same language.

  • Python has a lot of builtin construsts and features. This makes it great for its intended purpose-- as a scripting/glue language-- but it also means it is easier to write non-trivial programs without being buried in details. For example python has builtin dictionaries that are very easy to use.

  • Programs can be run interactively rather than compiled-- you can't get a shorter compile cycle than that.

  • Python is easier to compile for beginners.

  • Python has multipile inheritance-- so that can be covered.