Five More Annoying PC Annoyances
Subject:   Drag & Drop in word 2003 file open command
Date:   2004-10-24 08:00:39
From:   networksplus
We recently upgraded to word 2003 on our network, and have discovered that when you open a file in word 2003 using file open you can drag and drop the directories in the open window, essentially moving whole directories whithout even being verified by an are you sure prompt. This was not available in word 2000 and I have searched everywhere for a way to disable the file management capabilites while a user is in file open mode. I havent called microsoft to blast themout yet as it may be something so simple.. with thirty users opening files from a shared source, several major directories have been inadvertantly moved around by clicky mouse users.. What was microsoft thinking allowing users to manipulate file shares while trying to open a file.. Please tell me its my lack of knowledge.. although I am doubtfull

John Pease