Homemade Dot-Mac with OS X
Subject:   problems pinging back to through my home DSL connection
Date:   2004-10-24 18:32:50
From:   jrgruen
I am trying to execute an x-window client from my home computer (mac ibook running OS_10.3), using my computer at work as the host. The host is a Mac G4, also running OS_10.3. I have x-windows working on my home ibook (X11).

The system works well at work: the application runs on the host computer, and I can x-window client at work as well.

The x-window client, however, does not work from home. I believe that is because of the firewall present on my DSL router (2wire home router). I connect to the home DSL/2wire router through an apple airport card.

To alleviate the problem I have done the following:
1) I have reset the IP address on my home ibook to one of the static addresses provided by SBC/2Wire.
2) I have created an alternative port in the 2Wire firewall router to receive incoming data.
3) I have added a command line in my httpd.config file to "listen" to port 8080 for incoming data on my home ibook. I rebooted and I can map this port and see that it is available.

Despite the above, when I try to ping from the host computer (at work) back to my static IP address, there is no echo.

It would be extremely helpful if I could use an x-window client on my home computer to do work. I would greatly appreciate some help.

Thank you very much.


Jeff Gruen