Extend your AirPort Network with AirPort Express
Subject:   Software Conflict
Date:   2004-10-25 07:35:30
From:   divirgil

Ever since I installed an AirPort Express (software) on my existing AirPort Extreme Network I have been unable to access either points via the AirPort Admin Utility.

The network is working fine under the settings I entered priginally. I have great wi-fi reception now. But I can not re-configure or change my base station now...

The AirPort Admin Utility opens and displays both modems. But when I click on either to configure it... it simply asks for the password and when I enter it nothing happens. I can not configure either device with the AirPort Admin Utility.

I can still configure the AirPort Express via the AirPort Express Assistant, but I can not configure it with the Admin Utility. What's worse, is that I can no longer configure my AirPort Extreme base station at all.

I tried removing the AirPort Express from the network... but the Admin Utility still hehaves the same... asks for the password but never lets me in.

I guess my next step is to remove the AirPort Express Software from my PB and see if the Admin Utility becomes utile again. But has anybody else heard of such a conflict??