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  Understanding Classloaders: log4j in a J2EE Environment
Subject:   Understanding Classloaders: log4j in a J2EE Environment
Date:   2004-10-25 08:55:06
From:   Trackback from http://blogbus.com/blogbus/blog/diary.php?diaryid=460574 anonymous2
A previous article of mine explained the basics of <FONT face=\"Courier New\" color=#003366>log4j</FONT>. <FONT face=\"Courier New\" color=#003366>log4j</FONT> is an open source logging tool developed under the Jakarta Apache project. The previous article demonstrated how to use <FONT face=\"Courier New\" color=#003366>log4j</FONT> in a strictly JSP/servlet environment, which forms half of the whole J2EE world. The other half, EJBs, requires a subtler way of handling your <FONT face=\"Courier New\" color=#003366>log4j</FONT> code and configuration. This article will show you why this is the case and how to go about it.