Giving the Simple Text Editor 'Legs'
Subject:   can't find Application Settings in Xcode
Date:   2004-10-25 09:48:40
From:   Valennad

Once more!

We need to tell Project Builder that our document format is RTFD; actually, we're not telling it anything about the format in terms of data structure, but rather what the file extension, or signature is. To do this go to the Targets tab and click on the SimpleTextEditor target. In that view, click on the Application Settings tab.

There are two places we need to indicate the file extension in the Application Settings pane. In the Signature field of Basic Information type in rtfd. Now scroll down to Document Types and select the "DocumentType" line in the table. Below the table you can edit the type information; type in rtfd in the Extensions and OS Types fields. Scroll down further and click on Change. That's done now, so let's move on.

Problem: How to apply it in Xcode? However I can't find and change Application Settings in this way. Help me please!

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