Mixing Java and Titanium: Part Three
Subject:   Documentation for Java Developers
Date:   2001-10-13 16:07:40
From:   windsurfer
With all the Java developers available out there you'd think that there would be more documentation and tutorials released with the developer tools. It's a tremendous barrier to entry for novices. "Not such a bad thing" you might say, but the seeds of the future should be sown in fertile ground, not barren.

as Davidson says:

"But, after that point, the remaining Java-oriented documentation consists mainly of the Application Kit and Foundation API references. And worse, these references are incomplete ports of the Objective-C documents. For example, the following sentence comes from the Java application references for the NSEvent class:

"NSWindow and NSApplication define the method nextEventMatchingMask:untilDate:inMode:dequeue:, which allows an object to retrieve events of specific types."

The above makes very little sense to a Java programmer unless they have some experience with Objective-C message-naming conventions."