An Introduction to RubyCocoa, Part 2
Subject:   Installer grief
Date:   2004-10-26 04:51:21
From:   Snarke
I just keep hating Unix more.

OK, so the XCode from this article won't compile, giving the error "/Library/Frameworks/RubyCocoa.framework/Versions/A/Resources/ruby/osx/objc/oc_import.rb:22:in `module_eval': undefined method `NSClassFromString' for OSX:Module (NameError)"

Oh, neat. But maybe it's a problem witn Ruby 1.6.8? OK, I will install Ruby 1.8.1. Now, to my way of thinking, the *stupidest* place to put anything on a Mac is in an invisible folder, so when Ruby 1.8.1 leapt for /usr/local/lib, I reinstalled it into /Library/Ruby, where it belongs.

Then I had to find /usr/bin/ruby and rename it, because 1.6.8 was in front of 1.8.1.

OK, I'm finally getting "ruby 1.8.1 (2003-12-25) [powerpc-darwin]" when I type "ruby -v"

I close and open my XCode app. Nope, still won't compile. Same error. I clean all targets. Same error.

I attempt to reinstall Rubycocoa. I can't. Re-entering "ruby install.rb config" gets me "install.rb:47:in `require': No such file to load -- rbconfig (LoadError)
from install.rb:47

I put a link to /Library/Ruby/lib/ruby in /usr/lib/ruby. Nope. I erase my rubycocoa installer directory, and start over with the mysterious, unexplained sequence of commands that starts with CVS. Nope. I look inside "install.rb". There's a --help command, but it's broken; I can't get it to admit there's a way to tell it what the install prefix is, since it fails before getting to that part.

So I reinstall Ruby 1.8.1 with the defaults. NOW I can get the RubyCocoa installer to barf up its --help options. I point it at /Library/Ruby.

This changes the XCode error from "....(NameError)" to "....(NoMethodError)" Everything else is identical. OK, let's reinstall Ruby 1.8.1 back where it belongs, into Library, and clean the targets in XCode. Nope, still NoMethod.

The last time an installer program told me I could tell it where I wanted it to go, then malfunctioned wildly if I was presumptious enough to select anything other than the default, was Windows NT4. (Although the OSX Software Update control panel is completely unable to comprehend the idea that you might put an Application in a subfolder....)

Am I having fun yet?

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