The State of Java
Subject:   Stuff
Date:   2004-10-26 16:22:29
From:   robert hayes
In one of Ted Neward's recent ServerSide interviews he basically said: "Developers need to get over the fact that it [business] isn't all about them."

As a consultant I tend to agree. Companies want high-quality, low-cost solutions that are proven to work. They might be interested in the new DooDad language and AXOP framework, but does it deliver as promised? Developers might not care because "new is good and Old is bad" in many cases (not all).

COBOL still works well for a lot of companies. But it's cool to hate COBOL... even if you don't know anything about it. Speak the herdSpeak!

So it doesn't surprise me that Java will fall into the same category some day. However, I don't think it's now. I think developers just need something cool to say about Java... which may be that Java isn't cool anymore ;)