Weblog:   Linux Users: Welcome to the World of Malware
Subject:   Not Quite
Date:   2004-10-28 01:47:18
From:   jwenting
Response to: Not Quite

Completely bogus arguments as usual from the linux priests :)

The 400 (I think it's closer to 4000, but say 400 major ones (right...)) distributions is in fact a major weakness as they divide the codebase and make fixing holes (and there are aplenty) almost impossible.
You'd have to fix the hole in 400 separate copies of the codebase, something version control was designed to prevent the need for but which linux groups seem to have abandoned...

And while you might be relatively safe from this type of malware attack (I don't think you are, most of you think you're so safe that you implicitly trust anything coming from someone claiming to be an authority...) you're still wide open to fishing scams which you by proxy claim to be invulnerable to.

As to waiting for updates to be released, this email claimed to be an update from Redhat and therefore exactly the stuff you claim to be waiting for :)
Most Windows users will not trust such messages, instead relying on Windows Update (a mechanism still unheard of for many linux distros).

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