Weblog:   Linux Users: Welcome to the World of Malware
Subject:   Not Quite, jwenting
Date:   2004-10-28 07:50:21
From:   bairdcarr1
Response to: Not Quite

Perhaps you haven't used Linux in a while...

Windows Update is a very pale comparison to the "mechanism" built into many (most/all) linux distros. Apt, urpmi, up2date ring a bell? Not only for updates, but for upgrading your entire OS and all the software over the internet (at least with Apt, which comes with debian based systems, and is installable on rpm based systems). Very impressive, and very cool. There is just no comparison with Windows. Forget all your commercial and pirated CDs, Linux/Open Source is just plain easier.

Microsoft only occasionally provides updates to its own software. Windows Update is vital, and at one time I thought it was even cool. But it is only good for MS products, and with the possible exception of SP2, has utterly failed to provide any solution to the desperate onslaught of attacks on their products.

SP2 is a step in the right direction for home users, but I imagine the benefits to many companies like mine are negligible due to the fact that we have to turn off some of the new features in order to continue using several pieces of software unique to us. All is FAR from perfect in the Windows world, as if it weren't obvious to everyone.

OSX even has a better update "mechanism" than Windows Update. And OSX is stable, has superior security, and is very easy to use. Being a Linux user, it is still very limiting for me, but at least I enjoy the sound it makes when you turn the computer on.

I realize I am a Linux zealot, but who is more trustworthy in promoting a product, someone who has a financial stake in the product, or someone who loves it? That love has been earned. There was noone talking to me about Linux when I first started using it. I was on my own. It proved itself by just working, not with cool sounds, pretty pictures, or promotional videos.

I have been a Windows/Amiga/Mac/Unix/Linux admin for 11 years at the same company. The vast majority of machines run Windows. It was my experiences with Windows that led/drove me to Linux, and I am continually in awe of the power and resources available to me with this one OS.

I am constantly running to keep up with problems on our Windows workstations. I have only touched our Linux workstations (constantly used, multiple users) once in 2 years, and then only to start a network upgrade of the system. Simply amazing. The same is true with our various Unix/Linux servers. They just continue to work, I almost forget they are there. A few haven't been rebooted in a couple of years or more.

That is in stark contrast to any Windows workstation/server at work, home, at a friends home, or at another client's office. Whereever you go, the story is the same. People write articles about "The Linux Hype", but ignore "The Windows Hype". The windows hype is that Microsoft makes a useable OS that is easy to use, requires less administration, has a lower TCO.

Let me clear that up for you. If my network were all Linux, I could be the only Admin at my company, sitting at home in my boxers, eating cheetos, connected in via secure shell, working on systems without the users having to leave their chairs or know I am there. Such a peaceful network that would be... sigh...

Sure, we would save a lot of money and not require the constant workstation upgrades to keep up with the Windows world, etc, etc...

But then again, most admins like me are just leeches living off all the problems people have with Windows. I wouldn't enjoy all the extra work, job security, etc if we lived in a Linux world. So you see, I am dependent upon Windows sucking.

--- end of rant

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