A Visual J# .NET Primer
Subject:   you're kidding!
Date:   2001-10-16 07:04:18
From:   tjansto
just goes to show that a vb programmer can be easily impressed. this review certainly doesn't measure up to the standards i have come to expect from your company. j#.not is silly, and no java programmer, who makes their living writing enterprise solutions on java would even consider this as java. i am glad they didn't refer to java in the name of the product, as it is not java, either in form or intent. "syntax does not a platform make", to paraphrase.

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  1. you're kidding!
    2001-10-16 10:37:06  sanglin [View]

    • you're kidding!
      2001-10-17 05:13:55  tjansto [View]

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        • Enterprise or Not? (was you're kidding!)
          2001-10-17 08:15:18  cfrye [View]

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