OpenNap Use Crashes
Subject:   A word on OpenNap
Date:   2001-10-16 09:24:14
From:   perish
OpenNap, unlike the various facets of it commercial brethren, is truly an open source file-sharing community. I find a much easier to locate what I am looking for on the handful of OpenNap servers, as opposed to many of the larger, proprietary services. From our point of view, it is quality not quantity.

While many services such as Kazza and Morpheus boast several hundred thousand users, the total files size of these networks, are often less than one would find on only three or four choice OpenNap servers. I attribute this to the fact that most of their user-base is sharing the same five top-40 songs, and not much else.

Don’t get me wrong, if quality OpenNap users started migrating toward an Open Source file-sharing ‘movement’ such giFT’s take on the FastTrack network, I would be there sharing. The fact is that services such as these, albeit proprietary services, are still in their infancy. And while no one can predict the future of file sharing, we can always look to OpenNap, an icon of the industry, to set the standard for how start-up services can be measured, in articles such as this.

Dave Perish,
Program Manager – WetNap, Open Source Napster Server