Working with Tables: Writing an Address Book Application
Subject:   no more supported?
Date:   2004-10-30 06:36:07
From:   Valennad

I am sure, this column is not supported for Xcode.
However the AddressBook doesn't run with Xcode in this form. Fortunately the next column consists a link to the Folder with the AddressBook 2. I have downloaded it and compared the sources. I found one more outlet-connection names dataSource between NSTableView and Control-Instance. I have added the connection and it runs!!!!!! I haven't found anything about the connection in this column or earlier. And what about you? It's a pity - I have lost so much time to find it out :((((((( Why are the columns not supportet for Xcode? Imagine: we are Beginner and if something not runs we are helpless.

Once more: open Interface Builder, open Info-Panel (shift-command-I), double-cklick on a TableView. The Info-panel schould be titled: "NSTableView Info". Ctrl-drag from TableView to Controller-Instance. Release the mouse. Click on "Outlets" in the Info-Panel. Choose "dataSource"-outlet and press "Connect"-button - connection with Controller is built. Now - build and run!

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  1. I'm sorry
    2004-10-30 06:59:27  Valennad [View]

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