Printing for the Impatient
Subject:   Printing sucess at last
Date:   2004-10-31 04:34:48
From:   MrBluez
After much tweaking I'm finally printing with a HP LaserJet 4L thanks to this article. It wasn't straightforward (what is in UNIX?) but it does work.

A couple of things occurred on the journey that maybe someone can explain.

1) Apsfilter setup states it doesn't mess with the printcap. Hence, via the BSD handbook, I edited the /etc/printcap & added a printer AFTER I successfully printed a testpage with the Apsfilter setup. When I tried to print from Abiword OR Opera, nothing would print.

2) So, being the stubborn type that I am, I re ran the apsfilter setup. It found the current setup & asked if I wanted to create another file. For some reason I opted to create another profile & completed setup. I then immediately checked the /etc/printcap file & found that apsfilter HAD entered some information. I commented out my original entry, saved the file, opened Abiword & attempted to print. Voila!!!!!! Success!!!!! The same thing occurred with Opera.

3) The question is why?