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Subject:   I'm sorry, but you're a bit confused
Date:   2004-10-31 16:55:27
From:   Dan_Bercell
Response to: I'm sorry, but you're a bit confused

"If not (there are more and more new users daily), then at least they have some reassurance by the fact that GNU/Linux, BY DESIGN and OUT OF THE BOX, is a heckuva lot more resistant to compromise than any product ever to come out of Redmond"

I think its safe to say that you have never worked in a Linux/Windows mixed enviroment.
Redmond recongnizes that NO SOFTWARE can be bug free (yes, do some research and see all the bugs in GNU software), and they have and are currently trying to make patching easier.

I have recently had to restructure a mixed network of Linux and Windows systems, I am now converted and understand why Windows is winning the battle.

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