The State of Java
Subject:   Java's Learning Wall
Date:   2004-11-01 15:28:20
From:   robert hayes
Response to: Java's Learning Wall


Take a look at and

The first is a POJO application framework that lets you plug in what you want (ex: Hibernate), or use the default Spring implementation.

The second is a proprietary plug-in for Eclipse that helps deal with mundane middleware type stuff (like config files).

Incidentally... there IS a movement towards declarative programming these days. So if you don't have tools to help you out with the many XML files you'll be dealing with, you'll be doing them by hand. There's a reason for Microsoft's "XML everwhere" mantra.

The other option is to go to .net. They are aware of the "round-up the tools" phenom in Java and have tried to put a lot of that stuf in