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Subject:   WHAT?!?!
Date:   2004-11-02 14:26:48
From:   gLaNDix
"Even the most hard-bitten mail administrator would like to see statistics, configuration parameters, and other administrative information presented in a nice chart, with changes available at a mouse click."

1.) config via ssh and vi work great and the majority of admins most likely prefer this, because why would anyone want to run X and gui apps on a server?! that's just taking resources away from whatever service(s) run on that machine!

2.) many, many servers have stats available via http, and oftentimes httpd is running anyway, so why run more than what you need?

i, for one, do not run X on any server i admin, including my file server and router/firewall at home ... i would think most *nix admins are the same way, unless they run RH all the time and have never learned the fast/easy CLI way of doing things

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