A Visual J# .NET Primer
Subject:   What's all the fuss about
Date:   2001-10-19 01:20:48
From:   djpentz
You know what, it really does frustrate me that we even talk about developments like J#, wasting our time talking about the pros and cons of it, happily ignoring any discussion of the truth behind J#. Let's be honest about it. This is a clear move to undermine Java, albeit transparent to any sophisticated Java developer. J# is a way to put top-level decision makers minds at rest who have made significant investments in Java technology. This is Microsoft saying: "See, not to worry, we do Java.... we can take the stuff you have, click a button, and there will be .NET peace across the earth." Naturally, I'll be labelled an anti-MS bigot for saying this but if I was an anti-MS bigot I would have used a '$' in MS.

Back to the argument, any skilled Java developer who was wooed to .NET would code in C#. That's where most of MS's focus is going to be and it's so much like Java, one can't help being amazed at how obvious MS were with the similarities. I think to suggest that a skilled Java developer would be wooed by J# at all is silly. While the language might be similar, the architecture that you will work with is completely different.

I don't know what frustrates me more. These aseptic analyses of J#, or the fact that Sun does absolutely NOTHING to counter any of the misinformation that is being spread about Java. You have MS claiming that Web Services were their thing. .NET is everywhere... on the cover of Time magazine, every bleeding web site you look at can't seem to say enough about .NET and we're not even past beta with this yet. And all the while, stupid McNealy and his cronies sit and waste time pushing their overpriced hardware, throwing tantrums to try and get Java into XP, just basically being the spoilt little brats they've shown themselves to be. If they had any savvy, they'd be out there getting Java TECHNOLOGY (i.e. not just a language) into the publics face, touting its benefits, and pretending like .NET doesn't even exist. MS are successfully getting people to see Java as just a language, and Sun have themselves to blame for it. MS are just being what they're meant to be... a competitor, but they clearly outclass their adversaries.

"I'm as mad as hell and I'm NOT going to take it anymore!"

Oh well, back to my development in a fading technology. I already have the .NET evaluation CD's on my desk. Just trying to pluck up the courage to install them. It's only a matter of time. Thanks for nothing Scott.

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