Building the Perfect Bleeding-Edge PC, Part 2
Subject:   My Version - A Screaming Quiet PC
Date:   2004-11-03 09:59:55
From:   black_belt
Lian Li Aluminum PCV1000 - Sweet design isolates components and well ventilates. Reverses orientation of motherboard and places power supply on the bottom for better weight stability.

Enermax Noisetaker EG701AXVE 600W - adjustable fan - this is QUIET!

Asus P5AD2 Premium 925 Board with built-in Raid & WirelessG - Top rated board

Pentium 4 550 3.4 (This will overclock on Asus Board)- C'mon, the huge price differential doesn't justify the extra .2 mhz of the 560. I'll live with slightly slower.

Thermaltake T2 CPU Cooler - quieter than the stock Intel cooler

Asus 5900 card - not a hardcore gamer so this is fine.

Pioneer 108DBK - Dual Layer DVD Writer

2 160G Seagate Baracuda SATA (I don't hear any hard drives in there. There are hard drives in there aren't there???)

Included a power supply mounting dampener. The Lian Li case is constructed extremely well so most parts are dampened already. The hard disks mount hidden below and sideways, easily removable, in a track. You can fit 6 hard drives in the Mid ATX case without even using any of the
5.25 bays. The DVD/CDROM fronts are covered with a spring-loaded bezel so the looks of the case are not compromised. Looks better than an Apple G5. Comes with aluminum wheels with one locking set. That comes mounted on the back, which makes no sense. But it is easy enough to switch the axles. The case also comes stock with 2 large premium quality fans which move alot of air quietly.

This runs very fast, very cool and is practically silent compared to my other beastie.

A success!