Modular PHP Development with FastTemplate
Subject:   It seems the templating languages are as complex as PHP
Date:   2004-11-04 07:41:21
From:   leecarmichael
I guess I don't understand how changing:

<title> <?= $LANG["title"] ?></title>
<title> <?= $TITLE ?> </title>

is anymore complex than:

<title> {{ TITLE }} </title>

I am really having a hard time understand why you would ever want to add a templating language to a templating language. I can understand why you would still want to use the 'controller' -> 'view' design to hide the annoying details of how forms are processed and data retrieval and such. But it seems that it would be more simple to have a single language used on a website (php instead of php and fast template, smarty or ....). Also it seems that most web editors (such as dreamweaver) can handle understanding php tags.

What am I missing?