Using SOAP with Tomcat
Subject:   error by onjava.CalcClient
Date:   2004-11-04 15:14:45
From:   feilong
Hallo all,
I have followed each step what is showed in this article. All run succesfully. only the last step
java onjava.CalcClient 96 95. I get the exception:
The call failed:
Fault Code = SOAP-ENV:Server.Exception:
Fault String = onjava/CalcService (wrong name: CalcService).
I have put the server class file and client class file in directory D:\Programs\jakarta-tomcat-4.1.30\webapps\soap\WEB-INF\classes\onjava,
I tried also to put the server class file in
but the error message show the same.
I can't interpret this error message, I know only this problem is not due to the classpath and java code, perhaps during message processing, i.e the web.xml configuration file that the tomcat server doesn't find the servlet, what does it mean "Fault String = onjava/CalcService (wrong name: CalcService)."

thank you