The Objective-C Language
Subject:   dead language revival?
Date:   2001-10-20 16:22:50
From:   lookaround
It's nice to see ObjC coming to the scene again. I considered this language dead. Nobody except Apple actually supports it. And it doesn't seem to be easy for Apple. Look how long it took them to make anything new like Cocoa. I think they've been making it since NeXT project ceased.

What's wrong with ObjC? Why it's hard to develop large projects with? Are there fundamental deficiencies that hinge the language to be used in real projects? Well, thereíre quite a bit, if we compare ObjC with industrial strength languages like C++ and Java.

1. ObjC is not strongly typed language.
2. ObjC does not support data protection.
3. ObjC has horrible syntax.
4. ObjC development framework is very poor (except on Mac platforms). No standard framework exists.
5. ObjC is pure dynamical like SmallTalk. Thus itís extremely slow.

There are more points, but even these 5 are enough to stop any experienced developer contributing his time and efforts to ObjC. I wanted to expand every point, but having looked at the date of the article release I figured that hardly anybody would read my post but the author of the article.

If you think I'm wrong or inaccurate, correct me.

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