Selling BSD
Subject:   I don't need to wear a button.
Date:   2001-10-21 11:22:47
From:   rootman22
I don't need to wear buttons to promote BSD. I am frequently seen wearing my FreeBSD polo shirt at work and those driving behind me see a BSD sticker in my back window. As I stated in my article; "BSD in a Microsoft Office" that I submitted to Daemon News last March"/Link Text "When I first started using FreeBSD, I was so amazed and taken with it that I could be heard preaching the BSD gospel almost every day. Keep in mind that most
people will continue to use whichever operating system or application they are comfortable with. Don't be such an advocate that people become afraid to even
mention the words "FreeBSD","NetBSD", "OpenBSD" or "BSD" around you. Remember, the louder you are, the harder it can be to hear you. The phrase,"Action
speaks louder than words", certainly applies here. Quietly learn about the BSDs, how to use them, and offer the amazing demonstration when the opportunity
presents itself." It's fine to wear BSD shirts, buttons and display BSD stickers but IMO, supporting BSD is more important than promoting it.