Will You See Open Source J2EE Implementations?
Subject:   Trademark issue???
Date:   2001-10-22 01:47:10
From:   zodicko
Java was not started as OpenSource from the first hand. Sounds like it would be unfair for those $$$ (IBM, BEA...) vendors to pay for an expensive J2EE trademark and then see OpenSource is going to get it for free or cheaper than they did?

Sun is a commercial firm and it is reasonable to see people there trying to grap money from somewhere because there are staffs to be paid. However, the critical point is they should not block on the way of the "open standard" of J2EE.

There should be options for this trademark issue. Would it be possible for those jboss alike organizations to set up their own J2EE trademark as an alternative? As long as the standard is open, people should be free to choose either the more expensive Intel i386 or the cheaper AMD i386.