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  WinFX: An All-Managed API
Subject:   C, WinAPI, .NET .....
Date:   2004-11-06 03:08:57
From:   jundax
it was interesing article and comments...

but you forgot one thing - it is technology...
on the other hand there is marketing...

I have wrote 3 programs (one project with MFC). all they together fit on HD less then 10 MB . Instalation - as copying files and configuring something - takes several seconds. So I desided it is wrong way.

Find out some BMP, put them in dll, made some useless catalogs, files... Then found MS tool for making instalation. The process of instalation become 3-5 min.

The clients look at the program, enjoy it (there was functions, witch he needs) and ask me: how much does it fit on HD?

I said:
-50 MB.
-oh, it is very small program...

also, i have talked with some sale managers. They do not know about software. They know one thing: if soft do not take 200MB - it is not software.

Microsoft help for us, and it do marketing also.

Who needs fast, good programed softeware?
It meens: you can work with PII 64MB...
is it computer?
(and even no needs for new, better, faster,etc!!...)