Clustering and Load Balancing in Tomcat 5, Part 2
Subject:   Clustering And LoadBalancing
Date:   2004-11-07 08:45:42
From:   armedace
Indeed, an excellently written article on the related topic. The code is superbly written, and does executes well.
Now, based upon the artilce i was trying to load-shed a sample request from a simple webpage. But the problem here is that the information provided at the webpage is not reaching a servlet at one of the clustered node server.
Let me explain, there is a web page which asks a simple username through a textbox and then redirects it to a servlet through the LoadBalancer provided by you. But what happens at the servlet end is the username information never reaches.
Pardon me to say that I am new to this topic, so any sort of help will indeed help out.

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  1. Clustering And LoadBalancing
    2004-11-10 16:59:48  armedace [View]

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