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Subject:   help tutorials in project builder navigation on NSView
Date:   2001-10-24 09:04:06
From:   psheldon
Mike avoided duplication of Apple's documentation referring us to it. I decided to get some experience in knowledge navigation.
In project builder, find definition (of selected text, such as NSView) in find menu finds a list of stuff, one of which contains a book icon. Clicking on this icon gets help on the class. But there are other sorts of items in developer help, evidentally, tutorials!
I looked up NSView in the help viewer ap with finder text entry field and found a tutorial near the top of the list of hyperlinks, a tutorial, mind you, itself with hyperlinks. That is, I found "Creating a subclass of NSView" was part of a long tutorial on Java Interface to Cocoa with mention of NSView.
In project builder's help, I don't see that finder text entry field and don't know a gesture to rapidly navigate to the tutorial once I found it with the help viewer.
All help files are html maybe in the contents of ?-icon files. If you drag such a file, an Apple Store guy called them "shortcut files", to the help viewer icon on the dock or in a finder window, you go instantly there. So, it's called a shortcut (something you don't have to navigate through various hyperlinks to get to, once you have found your way there once).
I don't know a similar gesture for the help in project builder.
Maybe someone could make an applescript to get help viewer and project help on the same page by looking at the referenced html address of help viewer or some way of saving shortcuts from pages found in help viewer ap and using those url's for project builder help.
Since tutorials have pastes of code such a gesture in help from project builder would be nice.
I don't know that I want to read through humugous bunch of tutorials amongst other things that I study (this column might be enough cocoa), but I think it would be nice to have those gestures to fall back to when I need to and when I have my own project "catch on spiritual fire".

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